Express method of construction of accurate inverse pole figures

Yu Perlovich, M Isaenkova, V Fesenko
2016 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
Combined assessment of cyto-, geno-, and embryotoxicity of silica nanoparticles in experiments in vitro G A Protasova, V B Popov, L V Shabasheva et al. -Calculating algebraic entropies: an express method A Ramani, B Grammaticos, R Willox et al. -This content was downloaded from IP address on 27/07 Abstract. With regard to metallic materials with the FCC and BCC crystal lattice a new method for constructing the X-ray texture inverse pole figures (IPF) by using tilt curves of
more » ... ilt curves of spinning sample, characterized by high accuracy and rapidity (express), was proposed. In contrast to the currently widespread method to construct IPF using orientation distribution function (ODF), synthesized in several partial direct pole figures, the proposed method is based on a simple geometrical interpretation of a measurement procedure, requires a minimal operating time of the X-ray diffractometer.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/130/1/012057 fatcat:gmqee245ingihc255eemnjj6l4