External and Internal Factors in the Development of Arabic Language

İbrahim USTA
2013 The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies  
Language is the name given to the reporting tool of the feelings, thoughts and motives, directly or indirectly of the people living in the same community or people with the same nationality. In other words, language is a complex structure consisting of a set of rules, audio, strings of words and grammar. In language that recognized as a living entity which being opened to all influences and constantly changing and evolving, due to various reasons some changes are outstanding. As a result of
more » ... change; when language enriches with new words, some of the words dies or leaves their location for other words. In this process, while some of the words are faced with the meaning changes, others will start to be used out of the actual meaning. Finally, one other important prominent matter in this change, markably important changes in the structure of the voice of the existing language are outstanding, and this gives rise to the formation of other dialects and even languages. To intervene to a language within the framework of the above-mentioned reasons means to protection and recovery of that language from corruption. Once upon a time, the Arabs who speak the dialect of Fasih Mudar and Yemen, after a while, took different words to their language and eventually the words have been an integral part of Arabic words. To prevent this and to save the Arabic from
doi:10.9761/jasss_634 fatcat:refudekfvvcmljok5dwt3w4ea4