Agama Hindu Bali Dalam Kontestasi Budaya

Ida Bagus Made Satya Wira Dananjaya
2020 Jurnal Ilmiah Cakrawarti  
Traditions that have been going on for so long and acknowledged their sacredness,tradition provides a reference to life with repetitive rhythms, the majesty of harmony,thus abandoning conflict. Religion gives sacred values to the tradition so that it can gainreinforcement at the mental level into a socio-mythical space. Whereas modernity haveinjects for new ideas, which have an implication of the melting of the state barrier. Modernityunfolds human consciousness about time which is no longer
more » ... ich is no longer repetitive but is linear,no longer sacred but secular where creative progress and alternatives are created. Traditionand Religion is a mythical-expressive culture that is challenged by progressive-creativeglobal culture coming through tourism. The politics of synergy has been carried outfor a positive vision for people's lives. However, these three factors cannot be reconciledjust like that, cultural contestation becomes a necessity.
doi:10.47532/jic.v2i1.113 fatcat:3mkcxflczfacfgy4t26fmuxchu