Jeando Khan Daidano, Nazia Azam Yusfani, Bilqees Daidano
2018 The Professional Medical Journal  
Objectives: In this study we will assess the risk factor of suicide in thosepatients who have attempted suicide with OPP. Design: Descriptive and Retrospective. Setting:Department of Medicine PUMHS Nawabshah. Period: June 2016 to November 2017. Methods:Study was done using questionnaire on Performa. Patients admitted with history of suicidal OPPpoisoning. Exclusion criteria were poisoning by other methods, not interested to participate forthe study. Psychiatric assessment was made by using BDI
more » ... made by using BDI Scale criteria. Statical analysis wasanalysed by software SPSS 15 version. Results: 116 patients were enrolled for this study. Malewere 43 and females were73. Age range 14 years to 45 years mean age=22-+4. Educationlevel. Depression Level: 94 patients were in severe depression, 7 patients were in extremedepression and 15 patients were in moderate depression. Conclusion: Patient of Suicide withopp should be screened for psychiatric disorder. Majority of the patients and their relatives aftertreatment think that now patient is normal. Education about risk of suicide shoud be explainedto patient and relatives. Psychiatric detailed history and treatment is compulsory to preventreattempt.
doi:10.29309/tpmj/18.4630 fatcat:qfqcb3pljjbtbkdh5nkkxnazs4