Unpacking the Eurocentric Indictment of Pre-colonial African Socio-political Institutions in literary works; Pfumo Reropa and Gonawapotera

Sam Masinire, Benjamin Mudzanire, Kudakwashe Mapetere
2013 Greener Journal of Social Sciences  
This study examines the reliability and utility of Chakaipa and Zvarevashe's old world novels; Pfumo Reropa and Gonawapotera respectively as historical novels. The novels were examined with the view to making an academic interrogation of how chieftainship, law courts and polygamy institutions which formed the soul of the Shona people's culture in pre-colonial Zimbabwe are portrayed. An afro-centric analysis of the disparity between novels and other researches was done and it revealed a glaring
more » ... istortion of the Shona people's culture in pre-colonial Zimbabwe. The study therefore, argues that Pfumo Reropa and Gonawapotera are far from pleasing when it comes to their historicity, authenticity of psycho-social thought and philosophy of the Shona people on the practices of chieftainship, law courts and polygamy. The article maintains that not all novels that are regarded as historical are really historical. There is therefore, need to be critical about the novels that are selected for use in Zimbabwean schools so that children are exposed to quality literature that helps them to appreciate that the Shona people had a systematic and elaborate system of role relationship, conflict resolution, social, economic and political control from which lessons can be taken to build confidence in our cultural heritage.
doi:10.15580/gjss.2013.2.011213366 fatcat:zlvm5deehbbs3gafjqerctznue