Modeling of ultrasonic-convective drying of pistachios

Ahmad Kouchakzadeh, Peyman Ghobadi
2012 unpublished
The combination of high power ultrasound and convective air for drying of pistachios (Akbari variety) was performed in a laboratory scale ultrasonic dryer, which was constructed for this purpose. The drying rate curves showed first rapid decrease and then very little reduction in moisture ratio observed with the increase of drying time. A non-linear regression logarithmic model represented good agreement with experimental data with coefficient of determination and mean square of deviation as
more » ... 885 and 4.188×10-5 for 150W and 0.9890 and 1.639×10-5 or 300 W acoustic power respectively. In fact, at two ultrasonic powers, the mathematical drying models were similar. Citation: Kouchakzadeh, A., and P. Ghobadi. 2012. Modeling of ultrasonic-convective drying of pistachios. Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal, 14(4): 144-149.