UNF Digital Commons Nuclear Armament/Disarmament as a Topic in Decision-Making Models in Secondary Social Studies Classrooms NUCLEAR ARMAMENT/DISARMAMENT AS A TOPIC IN DECISION-MAKING MODELS IN SECONDARY SOCIAL STUDIES CLASSROOMS

Karen Reeves, Karen Reeves, David, Lynne Schwab
1984 unpublished
This study sought to determine the current status of the nuclear armament/disarmament issue as a topic for the moral decision-making model in secondary social studies curriculums and to establish guidelines for its inclusion in future lessons. A review of the relevant literature provided the basis for a questionnaire mailed to four hundred, randomly selected social studies department chairpersons. Their attitudes regarding the legitimacy of the topic and methods employed in instructional
more » ... nstructional lessons were addressed. Survey results were catagorized according to respondents' incorporation of the topic into their curriculum and whether they taught in public or private institutions.