Interpretation of gravity anomalies due to simple geometric-shaped structures based on quadratic curve regression

Mohammed Tlas, Jamal Asfahani
2018 Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy  
An easy and very simple method to interpret residual gravity anomalies due to simple geometrical shaped models such as a semi-infinite vertical rod, an infinite horizontal rod, and a sphere has been proposed in this paper. The proposed method is mainly based on the quadratic curve regression to best-estimate the model parameters, e.g. the depth from the surface to the center of the buried structure (sphere or infinite horizontal rod) or the depth from the surface to the top of the buried object
more » ... (semi-infinite vertical rod), the amplitude coefficient, and the horizontal location from residual gravity anomaly profile. The proposed method has been firstly tested on synthetic data set corrupted and contaminated by a Gaussian white noise level to demonstrate the capability and the reliability of the method. The results acquired show that the estimated parameters values derived by this proposed method are very close to the assumed true parameters values. Next, the validity of the presented method is demonstrated on synthetic data set and 3 real data sets from Cuba, Sweden and Iran. A comparable and acceptable agreement is indicated between the results derived by this method and those from the real field data information.
doi:10.2478/congeo-2018-0006 fatcat:qxljjuvarjhrro4fmwizyaioua