El desempeño profesional de graduados universitarios en Cuba: Un estudio sistemático

2017 InterCambios: Dilemas y Transiciones de la Educación Superior  
Palabras claves: Seguimiento de graduados, educación cubana, educación y empleo. Abstract An important perspective to analyze the quality of the university graduates is to follow their performance in the early years of their work development. In the last decades this issue has become more and more prominent; as a result, a varied bibliography and diverse studies on the matter can be found in different sectors and countries. Our country and, specifically, cepes of the University of Havana, has
more » ... ty of Havana, has analyzed our graduates systematically during the late 30 years, based mainly on 6 broad studies which permitted a continuous monitoring of six classes (81-85, 86-90, 91-95, 96-00 and 02-05), as well as the analysis of the changes and main peculiarities of each period, either from the formation or the work field point of view. These studies have brought about a maturity of the methodological experience for this type of research, a specific analysis of each stage, and moreover the comparison of the main results along the years, all of which has allowed the analysis of the development, experiences and mechanisms created throughout time, and the identification of the most important challenges of our graduates for their present and future development.
doi:10.29156/v4.i2/2 fatcat:2xydxjkrz5a4pjdzlhzlwnzjsm