Aggregation of Consumers and Producers in a Community with different Clustering Methods

Cátia Silva, Pedro Faria, Zita Vale, Nikolaus Starzacher
2019 Zenodo  
The consumer concept is shaping up as the grid is improving to a smart way. Moving from an actor with little information about what was happening in the energy market, to player with an active and important role in its management. The term prosumer will revolutionize the way the electrical system operates. The possibility of the participation of distributed small-scale energy resources in the network infrastructure changes the current management model. The authors propose a model that optimally
more » ... odel that optimally associates all concepts. Scheduling, aggregation and compensation are the main phases that compose this model. In this paper, the author focusses only on the second, being the main goal compare between being a consumer, a producer or a prosumer in this method. In this way, two partitional clustering methods were used, testing different k clusters.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2672879 fatcat:exoyyltr75h7vjzrcayavrjflq