The Accuracy of Websites and Cellular Phone Applications in Predicting the Fertile Window [12G]

Robert A. Setton, Christina H. Tierney, Tony Tsai
2016 Obstetrics and Gynecology  
were analyzed. Patients in whom their BMI was not recorded, those with a non-tubal ectopic pregnancy, heterotopic pregnancy, twin ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy of unknown location, lack of Bhcg follow up, initial Bhcg ,1,000 and patients that received multiple-dose regimen were excluded. A single-dose MTX regimen was administered as per hospital protocol at a dose of 50 mg/m 2 with the maximum dose capped at 100 mg. Patients not morbidly obese (BMI,40, n5134) were compared to those that were
more » ... to those that were (BMI$40, n516). Demographic variables, Bhcg levels before MTX treatment, presence of embryonic heart tones, decrease of Bhcg $80% following treatment, need for $2 doses of MTX and need for surgery despite treatment were compared.
doi:10.1097/ fatcat:yoncxuewjbcppacyg5vu2h62eu