Diagnosis of Roller Bearings Compound Fault Using Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Algorithm Based on Null-Space Pursuit

Lingli Cui, Chunguang Wu, Chunqing Ma, Huaqing Wang
2015 Shock and Vibration  
In order to solve the problem of underdetermined blind source separation (BSS) in the diagnosis of compound fault of roller bearings, an underdetermined BSS algorithm based on null-space pursuit (NSP) was proposed. In this algorithm, the signal model of faulty roller bearing is firstly used to construct an appropriate differential operator in null space. With the constructed differential operator, the mixed signals collected by the vibration sensor are decomposed into a series of stacks of
more » ... s of stacks of narrow band signal containing the characteristics of faulty bearing. Finally, the underdetermined problem is transformed to an overdetermined problem by combining the narrow band signals and the original mixed signals into a new group of observed signals. In this way, the separation of the mixed signals can be realized. Experiments and engineering data analyses show that the problem of underdetermined BSS can be solved effectively by this approach, and then the compound fault of the roller bearing can be separated.
doi:10.1155/2015/131489 fatcat:algyvuqt3barfnwfuox2apsfsy