Successful treatment of severe calcium channel blocker poisoning: a clinical case

S.M. Nedashkivskyi, D.K. Lisnyak, G.A. Milienko, Yu.B. Kozlovskyi, A.D. Doroshenko
The article describes the successful experience of treating a female patient with severe poisoning by a mixture of drugs with a predominant cardiotoxic effect. The number of drugs taken was many times higher than the potentially lethal dose. Hemodynamics has been supported by vasopressors and inotropic drugs for a long time, antidotes, sorbents, detoxification agents were used. Due to inadequate spontaneous ventilation, the patient was on artificial lung ventilation for 24 days. After 26 days
more » ... the intensive care unit, she was transferred to the therapeutic department in a stable state and without neurological deficit. We believe that this material will be useful for intensive care physicians when providing emergency care to patients in such situations.
doi:10.22141/2224-0586.17.3.2021.234812 fatcat:bm75bcetanhgnaaabi3wlryx5a