Interfacial Behavior of Saponin Based Surfactant for Potential Application in Cleaning [chapter]

Gajendra Rajput, Niki Pandya, Darshan Soni, Harshal Vala, Jainik Modi
2022 Surfactants [Working Title]  
Amphiphilic molecules having a tendency to decrease the surface tension of the aqueous medium and those are widely used in the industrial and domestic sector. Nowadays they are in high demand to replace synthetic surfactants by naturally based molecules to reduce the environmental problem. Approx. more than 60% materials which are of surfactants-based enter into the marine water which dangerous for aquatic lives. We propose novel material which is a natural based surfactant which is
more » ... e and eco-friendly alternatives. Here we are focused on tea saponin and investigated properties like surface tension, foaming, skin mildness, cleaning ability. This is maybe the first reporting a surfactant activity of tea based surfactant. Natural originated surfactants display well emulsion making capacity at the large amount as compared to synthetic. Tea is acidic in nature and it reduces surface tension to 31.4 mN/m, and greater foam, ultra-mildness, with excellent cleaning ability. The consequences suggest that tea have outstanding surface-activity which can be used as a green replacement for synthetic surfactants.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.102560 fatcat:tbjfkm2lazgclorbwtdc6y6hhi