The Importance of Professional Communication For Technocrats from Rural Background

Deepti Agarwal
2016 Intl J Engg Sci Adv Research   unpublished
The recent increase in the demand for professionals communicating proficiently in English language is visible. The global recognition of English language in connecting people from different walks of life whether professionally, academically or socially explains the need to acquire command over the language. It is essential to convey ideas and thoughts in an effective and a skilful manner. Thus, it requires training of soft skills such that speaker is able to convey views in a different manner
more » ... different manner from the everyday use by emphasising on the style and the tone of the message. The skill to communicate adeptly in English among professionals from rural background is amiss because the medium of basic education has been in their native language. A wide gap has been observed between the understanding of their core subject and communication skills which results in weaker job perspectives. Thus, it becomes essential to incorporate along with their technical subject a course on English communication. This paper is an attempt to systematically analyse the factors that inhibit a large number of students to gain the maximum benefit out of the course. And it suggests that the impediments to smooth and adequate acquisition of language can be overcome by sustained encouragement and motivation on part of the instructor, thereby infusing a special significance into the pupil-instructor relationship.