X. On several new properties discovered in phosphorised hydrogen gas

C. Raymond
1800 The Philosophical Magazine  
View related articles I54 New Properties dlfcovered ia the feeond 356, and the third 6oo pounds of filk. If the leaves, after the crop has been coiled'ted, be thrown together in heaps to rot, they form an excellentmanure for future ufe. In regard to tbe preparation of the filk, little i~ necefi~try to be faid. It may eafily be conceived that it will be of advantage to feparate that which is long from the thorter part, in order that the former may be employed for fpinning. The fhorter kind may
more » ... fhorter kind may be ufed for beds and for hat-making. This plant may be employed alfo in the mantlfa&ory of paper. Sehmid, an ingenious paper-maker near Lunenbur~, has made feveral experiments with the capfules of this plan b which gave the following refults ~ff, From the interior white rind of the eapfule, mixed with one-third of rags, he obtained writing-paper pretty white, of a good quality, and fimilar to'the iilk paper of the Chinefe. ~d, From the external green part of the capfnles a greenifh., eoloured paper, which, when fized, was fironger than paper made of rags : it was almofL as clofe in its texture as parchment, and even, when unfized did not fuffer the ink to t mn.etrate through it. This kind was exceedingly proper for wrapping-paper. 3 d, From the f~ems he obtained a paper fo like in every thing to common paper made of rag% that the difference could fcarcely be dit~inguifhed. drogen Gas. By C. RAYMO~rD, Profeffor of Cbemiflry in lbe Genital School of .,4rdeebe %
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