Surgical Treatment of a Distal Fracture using Wolter Clavicular Plates
Wolter Clavicular Plateによる鎖骨遠位端骨折の治療経験

Fumiki MIZUE, Hiromoto ITO, Akinori TAKAYAMA, Katsuhiko IDE, Haruhisa MARUYAMA
1998 Katakansetsu  
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical results of surgical treatment of a distal clavicle fracture using Wolter claviclar plates. Materials : Sixteen patients with distal clavicle fractures were treated between Febuary 1994 and January 1997. Their mean age at surgery was 39, 1 years old. The mean follow-up period was 1 year and 7 months. The fracture types were classified into 10 cases of type II and 6 of type V using Craigs
doi:10.11296/katakansetsu1977.22.2_213 fatcat:lsoiwhoaufac7k3ucqae3zhw7a