RFID System Integration [chapter]

Hamid Jabbar, Taikyeong Ted.
2010 Radio Frequency Identification Fundamentals and Applications Bringing Research to Practice  
Radio Frequency Identification Fundamentals and Applications, Bringing Research to Practice 214 successful identification of tag velocity of movement and change in direction or mobility path also needs to be considered. Tagging position decides the optimal operation of tag depending on Effective Radiated Power (ERP) which is decisive in case of passive tags. The locations for passive tags depending on ERP are termed as Resonance-Spot, Live-Spot, and Dead-Spot [Adi Tedjasaputra, 2006]. RFID
more » ... r To decision for RFID reader depends on feature the eneprise, compnay or customer is looking for. Choice is vey broad from simple to intelligent readers, some have self monitoring or integrated software. The size, shape, packaging, power supply are other features which can narrow down the selection for design, cutomization or purchase of RFID reader. Three genral type of readers are hand-held, mobile nd fixed readers. Reader antenna The selction for antenna mainly depends on weather the business workflow requires integrated or external antenna. Many application requires the antenna customization to increase speed, accuracy, effectiveness of RFID data capture process. For customization consideration are environmental operating factors, standard compliant, resonnat frequency, transponder size, antenna size, the capabilities of the RFID reader module, transponder support, read distance, communication with reader, and its business requirements. Communication module The communication between the reader and server or computer dpends on type of connectivity required by the customer, it can be wired communication or wireless. Different protocols and stanadards are available which depends on type of communication: wireless/wired, range, easiness of installation, cost, connector type, connectivity with exsisting systems, future updates, security etc. Application requirements and RFID constarints are studioed indetail by [Folerkemeier & Lampe, 2005] . Table-1 list the type of communication used in differnt RFID systems with some specifications.
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