Demonstrating multibit magnetic memory in theFe8high-spin molecule by muon spin rotation

Oren Shafir, Amit Keren, Satoru Maegawa, Miki Ueda, Alex Amato, Chris Baines
2005 Physical Review B  
We developed a method to detect the quantum nature of high spin molecules using muon spin rotation, and a three-step field cycle ending always with the same field. We use this method to demonstrate that the Fe8 molecule can remember 6 (possibly 8) different histories (bits). A wide range of fields can be used to write a particular bit, and the information is stored in discrete states. Therefore, Fe8 can be used as a model compound for Multi-bit Magnetic Memory. Our experiment also paves the way for magnetic quantum tunneling detection in films.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.72.092410 fatcat:ubhtjqoidbdsjesiciww2eken4