Infra-Red Spectra of Chemisorbed Molecules. I. Acetylene and Ethylene on Silica-Supported Metals

L. H. Little, N. Sheppard, D. J. C. Yates
1960 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
Infra-red spectra have been obtained in the C-H bond-stretching region for acetylene chemisorbed on the m etals palladium and copper, and for ethylene chemisorbed on p al ladium ; poorer quality spectra were obtained for both gases adsorbed on nickel. The finely divided m etal samples were supported on high-area porous silica glass. The surface species derived from the initial chemisorption of acetylene on palladium and copper were found to be olefinic in type; those from ethylene on palladium
more » ... ylene on palladium were predom inantly olefinic b u t some CH bonds of saturated groupings could also be detected. H ydrogenation of the surface species gave rise in all cases to stronger spectra of the type found w ith n-alkyl chains, M .(CH2)w.CH3; for acetylene on palladium and copper n > 5, for ethylene on palladium n ~ 3. The results are compared and contrasted w ith those obtained previously by Eischens & Pliskin (1958) for these hydrocarbons chemisorbed on silica-supported nickel.
doi:10.1098/rspa.1960.0221 fatcat:ln4n5tk6ejghphreqzpj6f6w6u