Cryptospatial blockchain sharia hotel based on practical Byzantine fault tolerance

Moch Suryana, Achmad Wibowo, Andik Izuddin, Amin Muslihul, Gumelar Bimo, Sulistyono Teguh
2021 Telfor Journal  
This research develops an application based on android that uses four interconnected nodes in a network with the Practical Byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT) blockchain method to value object geospatial retrieval. First, this application uses two types of users, general users and surveyors. Second, a surveyor location is validated within a radius of fifty meters from the central point of assets location using midpoint circle validation. Third, PBFT is used to access and validate and guarantee consistency by data using JSON-DIFF algorithm.
doi:10.5937/telfor2101053s fatcat:yk37d7zkjjab5mnkosrh7qz56a