Improving Reading Comprehension for Students with ADHD

Clayton E. Keller, Hadeel H. Abuelhassan
2015 World Journal of Educational Research  
<p>Students with Attention Deficits Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) have difficulties in reading comprehension. This paper reviews literature on how deficits in three types of attention (coming to attention, selective attention, and sustain attention) affect reading comprehension. In addition, the paper reviews three strategies for reading comprehension that follow Self-Regulation Strategy Development (SRSD) model (RQ, TWA, and TWA-WS). The strategies are designed for students with ADHD. The paper
more » ... rgues that TWA is more effective than RQ because it helps students with ADHD use the three types of attention more effectively while reading. Finally, the paper calls for more research that examine the effect of TWA strategy using SRSD model in the Arab world. This is because students who speak Arabic as a first language are different from students who speak English as a first language in terms of the structure of the two languages (i.e. there are two versions of Arabic: Dialect and Standard). </p>
doi:10.22158/wjer.v2n1p44 fatcat:no7m7theu5gfxipstc35hcd5e4