William Ryan
1845 The Lancet  
706 opium in puerperal convulsion depend on the state of the circulation; that in plethoric or inflammatory conditions it is always dangerous, while in anfemia and debility it may always be used beneficially. .Emotion.-The regulation of emotion is of considerable importance in preventing the accession of convulsions when they are threatened, and in averting the return of the attacks, in the intervals where consciousness is retained. Mental excitement of "every kind should be soothed, and
more » ... as much as possible. The sight of the infant, of alarmed friends or relatives, unpleasant intelligence, noises in the sick chamber, .or still more trifling matters, have caused or renewed convulsions. Perfect quiet and repose within the sick room, and the absence of all signs of excitement on the part of the attendants, are of the utmost consequence; the calm or timid look of the professional man may either excite or prevent a fit. The psychical effects of emotion upon the spinal marrow-an otherwise purely physical organ, in health and disease-is one of the most striking and indubitable facts furnished by the pathology .and physiology of the spinal system.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)50598-5 fatcat:linzl3poyrg5zdhzn2uyn6bepi