Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics with Highly Wettable Heated Surface under Forced Convection Conditions

Toru MITSUTAKE, Fumihisa KANO, Tetsuo OOSATO, Akio SAYANO, Miyuki AKIBA, Shinichi MOROOKA
2004 JSME international journal. Series B, Fluids and thermal engineering  
Under forced convection and atmospheric pressure conditions, heat transfer characteristics were studied using an annulus channel of a heater rod with highly-wettable surface. Improvement of phase change heat transfer under boiling and condensation process requires that either liquid heated or vapor cooled can contact a heat transfer surface effectively, but either a vapor layer or a liquid film can be formed repeatedly on the surface during boiling and condensation processes. As oxide
more » ... tor materials are known to be highly wettable, TiO 2 was coated on a heater rod surface. The Leidenfrost temperature for the TiO 2 coated surface was higher than that for the uncoated surface. Under mass flux conditions from 600 to 1 700 kg/m 2 s, the heater rod surface temperature at variable power conditions was measured. A higher heat flux at the point where the forced convection vaporization started and a larger critical heat flux were observed for the TiO 2 coated surface than that for the uncoated surface.
doi:10.1299/jsmeb.47.168 fatcat:4vmntiggmrh2lgmgnkiqcubzwe