Modelling and Simulation Study on a Series-parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Yaohua Li, Ying Wang, Xuan Zhao
2015 World Electric Vehicle Journal  
Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) uses internal combustion engine (ICE) and electrical power, so it has the advantages of both ICE vehicle and electrical vehicle (EV) and overcomes their disadvantages. And seriesparallel hybrid is the combination of series and parallel structures, thus it possesses the major features of both and more plentiful operation modes than one of them alone. In this paper, a series-parallel HEV model is built by using Matlab/Simlunk, which constitutes of vehicle
more » ... vehicle longitudinal dynamics model, tire model, an ICE model, battery model, a DC/DC converter model, a motor drive model, a generator drive model, a speed coupling device model (planetary gear mechanism), and a torque coupler device model. Control scheme of HEV is presented. And Simulation results testify the effectiveness of the HEV model.
doi:10.3390/wevj7010133 fatcat:cbe2ke4elvf4bli63u3vxjvmeq