N. Saduakas, Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov, М. Mirov, S. Baisheva University
2020 BULLETIN Series of Philological Sciences  
The article tells about the work that is being done to translate the Kazakh alphabet into Latin graphics. The research of the history of writing applied to the Turkic people and Modrn Kazakh writing in the stages. Using the latin graphics,the Kazakh language and its writing correspond to world standards, the status of the state language increases , the scope of its usage expanded, the orphanage of the Kazakh language is in line with the laws of synar monism, describing the Latin alphabet and
more » ... sounds in the Kazakh language. The transition to Latin alphabet, denotes a new vector of entry into the ranks of civilized countries, identification of sound systems in the Kazakh language and the reduction of unnecessary words from the spelling in Kazakh language. The article explains the history of the formation of Kazakh writing and analyzesthe linguistic situation of that period. The transition to Latin alphabet promotes the development of the spirit of Kazakh people, its prosperity and the comprehensive future development of our country.
doi:10.51889/2020-4.1728-7804.37 fatcat:srr7yddvxbegppfva7mws7n7zy