Exploring the Job Carving Process for Individuals with Disabilities: A Thematic Analysis of the Facilitators and Hindrances [article]

Jennifer Ho, University, My, University, My
Individuals with disabilities continue to face barriers to employment compared to individuals without disabilities. One approach to promoting their participation in the labor market is job carving, a process that assists individuals with disabilities in gaining meaningful employment. The present study investigates the conditions that enable or constrain a successful job carving process. To this end, three focus groups and 19 in-depth interviews were conducted with participants knowledgeable of
more » ... he job carving process, employment specialists and employer representatives. Thematic analysis revealed six facilitators, namely the importance of adopting a strength-centric approach, valuing and involving the individual with disabilities, internal support, communication and trust between the parties, and the use of creative practices. Four hindrances were also uncovered, namely, lack of awareness, rigidity of systems, breakdown in communication, and employer stressors. Findings are discussed in the context of theories of proactive job design, notably job crafting and idiosyncratic deals.
doi:10.20381/ruor-22297 fatcat:ynp6cwqkxva6vgy7fr7xnyu42m