Effect of Slag Composition on Reoxidation of Aluminum Killed Steel

Wan Wook Huh, Woo-Gwang Jung
1996 ISIJ International  
790-785. Korea E-mail address: In order to understand the reoxidation behavior by slag in the steelmaking process, the oxygen potential of the slags in the ladle was estimated quantitatively adopting the regular solution modef by Lumsden.The activity of iron oxide in slag was determined by an automatic facility employing an electro-chemical technique which incorporates stabilized zirconia as the solid electrolyte. The conversion equation for the activity of FetO has beendeducedfrom the
more » ... on betweenthe measuredvalues of FetO activity and the calculated ones by the regular solution model. The activity coefficient of FetO for the slag in refining process was estimated to be 2.308 to the mole fraction of Fe*O, and 0.0228 to the mass"/. total Fe on average.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.36.suppl_s136 fatcat:ml333ms67nchxdalzkoy7q3doq