Lung Cancer Detection using Bio-Inspired Algorithm in CT Scans and Secure Data Transmission through IoT Cloud

C. Venkatesh, Polaiah Bojja
2020 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Primary recognition of pulmonary cancer nodules eloquently increases the odds of survival, also leads it solider problem to resolve, as it often relies on a tomography scan filmic examination. By increasing the possibility of effective treatment, earlier tumor diagnosis decreases lung cancer mortality. Radiologists usually diagnose lung cancer on medical images by a systematic analysis that consumes more time and is unreliable often, because of the substantial improvement in the transmission of
more » ... data in the healthcare sector, the protection and integrity of medical data has been a huge problem for healthcare applications. This study utilizes computational intelligence techniques. For detection and data transmission, a novel Hybrid model is therefore proposed in this paper. Two steps are involved in the proposed method where diverse image processing procedures are used to detect cancer in the first step using MATLAB and data transfer to authorized persons via the IoT cloud in the second stage. The simulated steps include preprocessing, segmentation by Otsu thresholding along with swarm intelligence algorithm, extraction of features by local binary pattern and classification using the support vector machine (SVM). This work demonstrates the dominance of swarmintelligent framework over the conventional algorithms in terms of performance metrics like sensitivity, accuracy and specificity as well as training time. The tests carried out show that the model built can achieve up to 92.96 percent sensitivity, 93.53 percent accuracy and 98.52 percent specificity.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2020.0111148 fatcat:hdwx77jyxvgtjbzycc5g66fsra