The presence of covalently linked ribonucleotides in the closed circular deoxyribonucleic acid from higher plants

R Kolodner, R C Warner, K K Tewari
1975 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Single-stranded scissions are induced in the covalently closed circular chloroplast (ct-) DNAs from peas, spinach, and lettuce plants by treatment with alkali or by incubation with a mixture of ribonucleases A and T1. These scissions are due to the presence of covalently linked ribonucleotides in these closed circular DNAs. By comparing the scission rates of these ctDNAs to the scission rate of RNA, it has been estimated that pea and spinach ctDNAs contain a maximum of 18 +/- 2
more » ... olecule, while lettuce ctDNA contains a maximum of 12 +/- 2 ribonucleotides/molecule. Further studies with pea ctDNA by electron microscopic methods have shown that pea ctDNA contains 19 alkali-labile sites at specific locations. A map of the relative positions of the alkali-labile sites has been constructed. These alkali-labile sites are presumably due to the insertion of individual ribonucleotides.
pmid:1158895 fatcat:sjlievnambfsto2depxeorfkce