Simultaneous Estimation of Losartan Potassium and Hydrochlorothiazide in Tablet Dosage form by UV Spectroscopy

Sowmya Ch, Manoj Kumar, Prasanthi, Lakshmana Rao
ALRao Et al IJAPS   unpublished
A simple, specific, accurate and precise method has been developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of Losartan Potassium (LST) and Hydrochlorothiazide (HCT) in tablet dosage forms by UV Spectrophotometry. The wavelength maximum is 226.4 nm for Losartan Potassium and 266.4 nm for Hydrochlorothiazide in 0.1N sodium hydroxide. The linearity was observed in the concentration range of 2-12 µg/ml for both LST and HCT. Percentage recovery was found to be 100.41% for LST and 99.57% for
more » ... LST and 99.57% for HCT respectively signifies the accuracy of the method. The %RSD values of Losartan Potassium and Hydrochlorothiazide were found to be less than 2. The method was validated statistically and this technique can be employed to analyze the simultaneous estimation of LST and HCT in pharmaceutical dosage forms.