Nickel-Catalyzed Stille Cross Coupling of CO Electrophiles [component]

Aryl sulfamates, tosylates, and mesylates undergo efficient Ni-catalyzed cross coupling with diverse organostannanes in the presence of relatively unhindered alkylphosphine ligands and KF. The coupling is valuable for difficult bond constructions, such as arylheteroaryl, arylalkenyl, and arylalkynyl, using nontriflate phenol derivatives. A combination of experimental and computational studies implicates an unusual mechanism for transmetalation involving an 8-centered cyclic transition state.
more » ... c transition state. This reaction is inhibited by chloride sources due to slow transmetalation of organostannanes at a Ni(II)chloride intermediate. These studies help to explain why prior efforts to achieve Ni-catalyzed Stille coupling of phenol derivatives were unsuccessful.
doi:10.1021/acscatal.9b00744.s002 fatcat:cqmjunh4fvbwxoryd6yz7ge5iq