Effectiveness of Contaminants Removal in the Summer and Winter Season in a Small Sewage Treatment Plant Operating Based on the Trickling Biofilters Technology

Kamil Bryszewski, Artur Mielcarek, Joanna Rodziewicz, Wojciech Janczukowicz
2020 Journal of Ecological Engineering  
This study aimed to evaluate the operation technology and functioning of the facilities for the treatment of municipal sewage in a small wastewater treatment plant operating based on the trickling biofilters technology, in the winter (February) and summer (June-July) periods. Additional analyses were conducted to determine the effectiveness of contaminants removal in particular facilities of the technological system tested. The study results indicate that the sewage treatment plant operating
more » ... plant operating based on the trickling biofilters technology ensures effective removal of organic compounds, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, and total suspended solids. In the summer period, the effectiveness of contaminants removal reached 92%, 52.9%, 97.9%, and 99.9%, respectively, whereas in the winter season, it was lower an reached 69.5%, 12.4, 93.0, and 95.0%, respectively. The treatment effectiveness achieved in this study was referred to the results of the investigations conducted in the same sewage treatment plant 24 years ago. The results obtained may provide a valuable guideline to designers and operators of small sewage treatment plants.
doi:10.12911/22998993/125444 fatcat:6klvmmlsgrevvgkqfoikyoifhq