Experimental Analysis of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Using Nano Fluid

Lina, Kashid, Prof, A Auti
2017 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO The Heat Exchanger is important device in every modern industry; in the time when resources are limited and there is tough competition in the market heat exchanger marks special importance. In this project the exeperimental analysis of a pipe in pipe heat exchanger is performed. Exeperiment is carried out by varying the percentage of amount of nanofluid used, which is a mixture of CuO and Glycol. The volume fraction of coolant varies. Results of experiments such as overall heat
more » ... as overall heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer rates, and heat exchanger effectiveness have been calculated to assessing the performance of heat exchanger. Main objective of this paper is to find whether the use of Nanofluids improves the heat exchanger performances and at what percentage of Nanoparticles-coolant mixture the performance of pipe in pipe heat exchanger obtain maximum heat exchange rate.