Analytical chemistry

1896 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
Estimation of Water in Superphosphates. By LEONARD DK KONINGH (Ned. Tydschr. Pharm., kc., 1896, 190--191).--In order to prevent volatilisation of free acid during ignition, in estimating the total amount of water in superphosphates, 5 grams of the sample is mixed with about 1 gram of freshly ignited magnesia, and the whole is then exposed to a dull red heat. If the sample contains ammonium sulphate, it must be remembered that although the sulphuric acid is completely retained by the magnesia,
more » ... by the magnesia, the ammonia volatilises, and must be allowed for. This method cannot, of coume, be employed if organic substances and nitrates are present.. L. DE K. Use of Aldehydes containing Ozone for the Detection of extremely small quantities of Iodine in the presence of Chlorine and Bromine. Estimation of the Colours of Natural Waters. By ALLEN HAZEN (J. Arner. Chenz. SOC., 1896, 18, 264-275).-The author prepares a comparison liquid by dissolving platinum chloride in water, and adding a sufficiency of cobalt chloride so as to obtain the desired shade of colour.
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