Colour Palette of Adjectives in Latin and English
Цветовая палитра латинских и английских прилагательных

M.N. Mileyeva, A.S. Nikiforova
2020 Prepodavatel XXI vek  
The article considers color Latin and English adjectives in terms of their semantics and etiology. Indications of adjectives of different colors are illustrated with quotations from works of ancient Roman and Greek writers. Semantic comparisons of the color meanings of Latin adjectives are made against English adjectives in order to reveal usual coincidences or differences. Adjectives of the main color triad denoting black, red and white are analyzed. An attempt is made to explain the causes of
more » ... plain the causes of these connotations and consider their implementation in the lexical structure of the languages under study.
doi:10.31862/2073-9613-2020-3-316-322 fatcat:sxku6dvz35du7h6er4e7emgtkm