Anti-inflammatory effects of Sparassis crispa extracts
꽃송이버섯 추출물의 항염활성 효과

Woo-Suk Choi, Pyung-Gyun Shin, Yoo Young Bok, Noh Hyung Jun, Gun-Do Kim
2013 Journal of Mushrooms  
Sparassis crispa is a medicinal mushroom, which has been reported to have anti-cancer effect. In this study, we designed to investigate the effects of Sparassis crispa extracts on the production of nitric oxide (NO) in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells. The pre-treatment of the extracts prior to add LPS in RAW264.7 cells suppressed NO production and iNOS expression at protein and mRNA levels. The phosphorylation of IĸBα was inhibited by the extracts, which was induced through suppressing the
more » ... pressing the activation of NF-ĸB. Sparassis crispa extracts showed the effect on the down-regulation of STAT-1 activation in a dose-dependent manner. In LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells, NF-ĸB was translocated into the nucleus, while the treatment of Sparassis crispa extracts induced to sequestered NF-ĸB in the cytosol. These experimental results determined that Sparassis crispa extracts play a inhibitory role in inflammatory reactions via regulating NO production, which suggests potential as a component of inflammatory drugs.
doi:10.14480/jm.2013.11.1.046 fatcat:nlmsgemuprfc3cupp2bdiyasx4