Finite Element Vibration Analysis of a Rotor System with an Open Crack (Analysis of Natural Frequency and Double Frequency Vibration in the Case with the Asymmetric Support Stiffness Characteristics)

Nobuhiro NAGATA, Tsuyoshi INOUE
2012 Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Series C  
This paper develops an analytical method of the vibration of the finite element rotating shaft model with an open crack which was developed in our previous study. Particularly, the case with the directional difference of the bearing support stiffness is focused, and the analytical methods of the natural frequency and the double frequency vibration due to open crack are developed with introducing the order evaluation. By comparing the obtained their theoretical results with the experimental
more » ... e experimental results quantitatively, the validity of the analytical methods is verified. As a result, the theoretical analysis of vibration characteristic of the rotor system with an open crack becomes available regardless of the existence of directional difference of the bearing support stiffness, and it contributes to detect a crack of a rotor in its early stage.
doi:10.1299/kikaic.78.3435 fatcat:gr2kjffyxfafjlapzfywrqvjna