Comparison of peanut meal and soybean meal as protein supplements for laying hens

G. M. Pesti, R. I. Bakalli, J. P. Driver, K. G. Sterling, L. E. Hall, E. M. Bell
2003 Poultry Science  
Peanut protein is severely limiting in threonine and has been used to create threonine deficiency in animals. The availability of purified threonine at low cost raises the possibility of economically using peanut meal (PNM) and threonine combinations in poultry diets. An experiment was conducted to compare corn and PNM based diets to corn and soybean meal (SBM) based diets at three protein levels (16, 18.5, and 21%) in diets for 22to-34-wk-old commercial Leghorns. Birds were housed two per cage
more » ... housed two per cage with four cages per replicate and six replicates per treatment. Feed consumption, egg production, and feed per dozen eggs were almost identical for PNM (93.8 g/hen per d, 92.2 eggs per 100 hens/d, and 1.22 (
doi:10.1093/ps/82.8.1274 pmid:12943298 fatcat:if4gev23svh45j26m2se6pcrze