Local vibration of an elastic plate and zero-group velocity Lamb modes

Claire Prada, Dominique Clorennec, Daniel Royer
2008 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
Elastic plates or cylinders can support guided modes with zero group velocity ͑ZGV͒ at a nonzero value of the wave number. Using laser-based ultrasonic techniques, we experimentally investigate some fascinating properties of these ZGV modes: resonance and ringing effects, backward wave propagation, interference between backward and forward modes. Then, the conditions required for the existence of ZGV Lamb modes in isotropic plates are discussed. It is shown that these modes appear in a range of
more » ... Poisson's ratio about the value for which the cutoff frequency curves of modes belonging to the same family intercept, i.e., for a bulk wave velocity ratio equal to a rational number. An interpretation of this phenomenon in terms of a strong repulsion between a pair of modes having a different parity in the vicinity of the cutoff frequencies is given. Experiments performed with materials of various Poisson's ratio demonstrate that the resonance spectrum of an unloaded elastic plate, locally excited by a laser pulse, is dominated by the ZGV Lamb modes.
doi:10.1121/1.2918543 pmid:18646967 fatcat:cflqqhmfxbe2tkwi33jqbh2awi