Theoretical Prediction of Residual Stress Produced by Shot Peening and Experimental Verification for Carburized Steel

Kazuyoshi OGAWA, Takashi ASANO
2000 Journal of the Society of Materials Science Japan  
Simplified theoretical formulae based on shot peening parameters and materials properties have been developed to predict the maximum and the peak depth of the compressive residual stress produced by shot peening. These formulae are based on the motion equation for a shot and the analytical model proposed by Li, who utilized the Hertz theory of elastic contact and a simplified elasto-plastic theory. Experimental verifications were carried out under various shot peening conditions. Shots were
more » ... of cast steel, fused Zirconia, and glass, each having its own range in diameter. Actual residual stress distributions were measured by the X-ray diffraction method. The maximum and peak depth of the compressive residual stress predicted by the proposed formulae agreed well with the experimental values in a wide variety of shot peening conditions.
doi:10.2472/jsms.49.3appendix_55 fatcat:i2w76stopraf3n75egdotgpohq