Predicting Taxi Demand Based on 3D Convolutional Neural Network and Multi-task Learning

Kuang, Yan, Tan, Li, Yang
2019 Remote Sensing  
Taxi demand can be divided into pick-up demand and drop-off demand, which are firmly related to human's travel habits. Accurately predicting taxi demand is of great significance to passengers, drivers, ride-hailing platforms and urban managers. Most of the existing studies only forecast the taxi demand for pick-up and separate the interaction between spatial correlation and temporal correlation. In this paper, we first analyze the historical data and select three highly relevant parts for each
more » ... ant parts for each time interval, namely closeness, period and trend. We then construct a multi-task learning component and extract the common spatiotemporal feature by treating the taxi pick-up prediction task and drop-off prediction task as two related tasks. With the aim of fusing spatiotemporal features of historical data, we conduct feature embedding by attention-based long short-term memory (LSTM) and capture the correlation between taxi pick-up and drop-off with 3D ResNet. Finally, we combine external factors to simultaneously predict the taxi demand for pick-up and drop-off in the next time interval. Experiments conducted on real datasets in Chengdu present the effectiveness of the proposed method and show better performance in comparison with state-of-the-art models.
doi:10.3390/rs11111265 fatcat:6b6rmmqq5rgp7cmyo5twbsg5oe