Turbulence and pressure drop behaviors around semicircular ribs in a rectangular channel

Md. Nine, GyeongHwan Lee, HanShik Chung, Myoungkuk Ji, Hyomin Jeong
2014 Thermal Science  
The article represents an experimental investigation on friction and turbulent flow characteristics of free airflow through a rectangular duct fitted with semicircular ribs of uniform height (e = 3.5 mm) on one principle wall. The aspect ratio of the rectangular duct was AR= 5 where the duct height was 30 mm. Four different rib pitches of 28 mm, 35 mm, 42 mm, and 49 mm were examined with constant rib height to hydraulic diameter ratio (e/Dh = 0.07) and constant rib height to channel height
more » ... channel height ratio (e/H = 0.116). The experimental results show some significant effects of pressure drop as well as turbulent characteristics at various configurations among different numbers of rib arrangements varying Reynolds number in the range of 15000 to 30000. Experimental results have been compared with numerical analysis and it can be seen a good agreement. The result explains the phenomena elaborately between two periodic ribs and enables to optimize the rib pitch ratio in terms of turbulence kinetic energy for maximum heat transfer.
doi:10.2298/tsci111022142n fatcat:drjgmrgjqnfpxaonwtl4lidz2u