Metal-Incorporated Mesoporous Silicates: Tunable Catalytic Properties and Applications

Anand Ramanathan, Bala Subramaniam
2018 Molecules  
A relatively new class of three-dimensional ordered mesoporous silicates, KIT-6, incorporated with Earth-abundant metals such as Zr, Nb, and W (termed as M-KIT-6), show remarkable tunability of acidity and metal dispersion depending on the metal content, type, and synthetic method. The metal-incorporation is carried out using one-pot synthesis procedures that are amenable to easy scale-up. By such tuning, M-KIT-6 catalysts are shown to provide remarkable activity and selectivity in
more » ... ity in industrially-significant reactions, such as alcohol dehydration, ethylene epoxidation, and metathesis of 2-butene and ethylene. We review how the catalytic properties of M-KIT-6 materials may be tailored depending on the application to optimize performance.
doi:10.3390/molecules23020263 pmid:29382121 fatcat:wi3uljrvnnccvp62ecuj4nfghq