The Hero Organism and Heroism Science: A New Frontier of Human Consciousness

Olivia Efthimiou
2017 Heroism Science An Interdisciplinary Journal  
In the context of a new science of heroism this article presents a brief history of the presence and study of heroism, and an outline of the key characteristics of the modern-day movement of heroism. The potentially wide-reaching impacts of the science of heroism are briefly discussed. The hypothesis of human beings as "hero organisms" is presented, before embarking on a discussion on what it means for each of us to be on our own hero's journey. There is a revolution happening at this moment in
more » ... g at this moment in the field of heroism and research more broadly, or an evolution to be more precise. It has, in fact, been happening for almost half a century. We are increasingly discovering that human nature and the world around us is more complex and dynamic than we ever imagined. This means that real world problems need more than just one perspective or field of knowledge to be addressed. At the same time, a growing number of researchers are realising that studying the strengths of human nature is the best road to solving these problems. A Brief History of Heroism Heroism is an inherently transdisciplinary phenomenon. It cannot be understood from the vantage point of any single perspective. Heroism cannot be the monopoly of any one field of knowledge. This means that to truly understand heroism we must travel beyond it, far beyond it. The inherent transdisciplinarity of heroism suggests something deeply importantheroism could be the key and a tool for resolving the world's most pressing problems (Efthimiou & Allison,
doi:10.26736/hs.2017.01.01 fatcat:d6o7ycvesbdftl76xhfk7gsr3u