Precise Bunch Charge Measurement Using BPM Pickup

Jian Chen, Shanshan Cao, Fangzhou Chen, Bo Gao, Longwei Lai, Yongbin Leng, Tong Wu, Xingyi Xu, Renxian Yuan, Yimei Zhou, Tavares, Daniel (Ed.), Picoreti, Renan (Ed.) (+3 others)
Precise bunch charge measurement is the fundamental of charge feedback, beam lifetime measurement, beam loss monitor, as well as the basis of the related interlocking work. Beam position monitor (BPM) is often used for high-precision bunch charge measurement due to its superior performance. In this paper, the pros and cons of different types of BPM for measurement of bunch charge in storage ring and free electron laser (FEL) will be discussed. The related simulations, beam experiment and signal
more » ... processing methods are also mentioned. The beam experiments results show that the relative bunch charge resolution of the Button BPM can reach 0.02% in SSRF, 0.073% and 0.021% of the SBPM and CBPM in SXFEL, respectively. Besides, based on the method of beam experiments, we systematically studied the position dependence of BPM pickup and related compensation algorithms for high-precision bunch charge measurement.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2020-tuao01 fatcat:nxewo37tcbe43ksmznleai2fgm