Implementation/acceleration of vectorized acoustic source localization algorithms on the CELL multi-core processor

Neena Imam, Jacob Barhen, Travis Humble
This paper describes the optimized design and implementation of sonar signal processing algorithms (matched filter) on the CELL multi-core processor. The algorithm is modified to achieve maximum parallelism to enhance time performance on the multi-core platform. In this proof-of-concept effort, we show a factor of 10 speedup by parallelizing the matched filter code on 16 separate computing nodes on the CELL processor for broadband matched filter implementation. This demonstration of
more » ... faster signal processing capability should be of substantial interest to the signal processing community in general, and the oceanic engineering community in particular. Index Terms -Doppler Sensitive Waveform (DSW), Matched Filter (MF), Multi-core, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Ambiguity Function (AF).
doi:10.1109/oceanssyd.2010.5603652 fatcat:5nf5zplihzh7ldk34slsqbjgce