Real-World Evidence on Palliative Gemcitabine and Oxaliplatin (GemOx) Combination Chemotherapy in Advanced Biliary Tract Cancer

Hanna Lagenfelt, Hakon Blomstrand, Nils O. Elander
2021 Cancers  
Gemcitabine and oxaliplatin (GemOx) is a standard combination regimen in advanced biliary tract cancer (BTC). There is limited evidence on its efficacy and safety in real life. Methods: A retrospective multicentre cohort study in the South East Region of Sweden, covering nine years (2011–2020) and three hospitals where GemOx was treatment of choice, was designed. Clinicopathological prognostic parameters were explored. Results: One hundred and twenty-one patients with advanced BTC were
more » ... d. Median overall and progression-free survival (OS and PFS) were 8.9 (95% CI = 7.2–10.6) and 5.3 (95% CI = 3.8–6.7) months. Performance status according to Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (PS according to ECOG) 1–2 and primary gallbladder carcinoma were independent predictors for poor OS. PS and derived neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio were predictive for PFS. The most common severe type of myelosuppresion was grade 3 neutropenia that was recorded in 8%. Fifty-three (43.8%) experienced at least one episode of unplanned hospitalisation. One hundred and seventeen (97%) received oxaliplatin with lower dosage than was utilized in previous phase III trials (80–85 vs. 100 mg/m2) and a majority received further dose reductions of oxaliplatin and/or gemcitabine. Conclusion: The outcome of GemOx in advanced BTC appears comparable in controlled trials and real-world contexts. A lower dose of oxaliplatin seems more tolerable without compromising the outcome.
doi:10.3390/cancers13143507 fatcat:uzvlltkjyrevhegf2as36pghha