Hesti Rahayu
2017 DeKaVe  
Creative industry in Indonesia, especially the advertising field in Yogyakarta today is busy with the emergence and dynamic of many marcoms. Researches on advertising approached with the visual communication design have been carried out. Yet, study on the design style has not been done. That is why it is important to scrutinize ads from that angle. This study was conducted to describe and analyze the advertising agencies, mainly the marketing communication creative studios operating in
more » ... erating in Yogyakarta and also the design styles produced by those marcoms. The research objects were studied by documenting and keenly observing the and interviewing sources. All the gathered data were reselected and analyzed using the Clifford Geertz's Cultural Interpretation Theory and applying the post modernism reflection toward the design development in Indonesia. The result of the study showed that marcoms in Yogyakarta had been started from the advertising as their business core which then were expanded. All marcoms gave different definition on what they considered as their design style based on their concepts and creative ideas. The visual communication design styles were inseparable parts of the cultural transformation process happening which were the integral part of the design world in Indonesia. The styles combined various styles taken from the past and the ethnical styles derived from Indonesian culture style.
doi:10.24821/dkv.v10i1.1766 fatcat:myfovnqokveq3jrxsz55ariwe4