The Propeptides of the Vitamin K-dependent Proteins Possess Different Affinities for the Vitamin K-dependent Carboxylase

Thomas B. Stanley, Da-Yun Jin, Pen-Jen Lin, Darrel W. Stafford
1999 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
1 The abbreviations used are: Gla, ␥-carboxyglutamic acid; CHAPS, 3-[(3-cholamidopropyl)]dimethylammonio-1-propanesulfonate; MOPS, 3-(N-morpholino)propanesulfonic acid; FIXproGLA, 59-amino acid peptide containing the human factor IX propeptide and first 41 residues of factor IX Gla domain (sequence position 18 to 41).
doi:10.1074/jbc.274.24.16940 pmid:10358041 fatcat:2r3xure7xvbsnorxyz7nebiily